I accidentally got my girlfriend pregnant – what should I do?

Hi PG.net,

I accidentally got my girlfriend pregnant and I really do not know what to do.

She is surprisingly cool about it all, and her parents are not nearly as angry as I thought they would be. However this almost makes things worse as before I was pretty certain that the only option was to have an abortion but now keeping the baby almost seems feasible and not such a bad idea.

I do realise though that if I have a baby it will be something future girlfriends may be bothered about if we didn’t stay together, that it will be a big time and money commitment and mainly I do not even know if I want to be with my girlfriend. This is the most difficult part – for her she would be happy to settle down with me. I am not sure if I am happy settling down with her.

What should I do?



Hi AB,

Firstly it is her choice.. not much you can do about that if she is keen to keep the baby.

However, I can suggest that you let her know your concerns and that she is fully aware that she may end up being a single mother. This might have a significant impact on her decisions and at least, down the line, if it does not work out you were totally clear and transparent with her form the outset.

Good luck!



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